I envy those who can write naturally. It takes me time to cohesively put together words that make sense. However, oddly enough it takes me less so to put together ideas. My mind works at a pace too fast for me to keep up. Sometimes I find it hard to concentrate on the tasks at hand because none of what I think of makes any sense on paper. I know now that this is because I am bipolar. One of the symptoms is a racing mind. Thoughts going at a million miles a minute. This of course can be taken…

How do you define a term you don’t racially identify with? For me, I immerse myself with information and ask questions when appropriate. Blackness, although an identity I’ve been exposed to since kindergarden is foreign to me. Foreign in that I will never understand truly what blackness is. That doesn’t mean I cannot empathize with some of the experiences brought upon black people but I will always be an outsider. However, in reading Devil in a Blue Dress I’ve realized that my definition of blackness differed from what was showcased in the book. Blackness unfolds in a multitude of ways…

Devil in a Blue Dress eloquently describes racism in 1948 Los Angeles. Although many African Americans fought in a war that was battling racism at it’s forefront, most, if not all African Americans, in the books case African American men, did not obtain the equality they believed they would receive after putting their lives on the line for the country and for the sake of democracy. Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins is a Louisanian through and through who traveled to Los Angeles to realize his dreams, one of which was to own a home. Something I imagine would have been difficult to…

The Silence of Others — A Film Review

The Spanish Civil War was filled with atrocities from both the Republican state and General Franco’s. That isn’t to say that we should minimize what the rebels did to the people affected but we should consider what the other side felt as well. The film, the Silence of Others takes a skewed perspective from the beginning in that it portrays the rebels in a completely negative view without also looking at the Republican state to allow the viewer a more rounded approach to the civil war. Although the film lacks information to…

Finding your sense of self is a lifelong journey. Who you were a few years ago is different from who you will be in five or ten years. For people, more specifically native people, the loss of identity lingers throughout their lifetime because the rest of the world is trying to suppress who they once were, who they are now, and who they could be in the future. The native people that have been introduced in the book thus far are lost within society trying to find out what being native means. Some of them like Jacquie have given in…

Blindspotting is a film about racial identity and the gentrification of Oakland, California. It’s viewed from the eyes of two best friends, Collin and Miles. The former, a convicted felon while the later a “gangsta” white guy from the Town. The opening scene showcases Oakland’s diverse culture which has been saturated not only in blackness but blended with other minority culture contrasted against hipsters taking over and displacing Oaklands current inhabitants. Oakland is portrayed beautifully by the director, Carlos Lopez Estrada using vivid and bright imagery of graffiti, the bodegas, and various streets with Oakland natives. However, with the new…

Murderous intent dripping from every pore of an olive toned Roman woman. Her soft glare giving away nothing. A mere murmur to the emperor holds so much meaning that those around them wonder who might be killed off next if they displease her. Imperial women were expected to be prim and proper. Upkeep their home and spin wool such as Livia did for Augustus around 37/38 BCE. According to Women of the imperial households Livia gladly did everything Augustus approved of and did not meddle with his affairs.[1] Women were usually under the direct control of their husbands, if not…


Within my soul

Deeply engraved


By the sins of others


Forever, maybe?

No! I will change it, I will fight it!


You don’t have it!

Therefore I’ll reclaim it!


Art is subjective

Open to interpretation


Capturing objects in our daily lives

It can help us, heal us

Make us understand the complex things



Menacingly quiet, time is forever still

While I walk through my memories and cry

Never letting go of the burden so wrongfully placed on me

As my thoughts suddenly race by

After some time they settle… Time…

Is that what it takes?

Tell me please, is that what it takes?

Carmen Martinez

Just some random girl writing for giggles. an array of my own poetry and essays.

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